An inverted yield curve, which is when long-term interest rates are lower than short-term interest rates, has often been an indicator of an upcoming recession.

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Tighten Your Belts

Historically, inflation has never come back to target levels without a higher level of unemployment, whereas, today, we are at extreme lows. 

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This Chart Blew My Mind

Most of you reading this use a fair amount of annuities and know what they can do for clients in terms of risk mitigation. That being said, many times clients don’t quite understand the big picture, thinking in smaller time frames.

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It was one of those weeks—and in typical Chicago fashion, the “Windy City” was howling, gusts over 50mph.

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Into the Deep

On our trip last summer, I knew we would be going to no man’s land, Lewis and Clark style. But I didn’t necessarily know how deep.

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