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Annuity and Life Insurance Business

Annuity and Life Insurance Business

Who We Are

Mach96, LLC is a boutique annuity and life brokerage that was created to provide extraordinary and exclusive service to top financial advisory firms. Currently, we work with over a hundred offices nationwide and selectively add offices when values align. We have focused on serving the top 10% of financial offices, many ranging from $100 million to over a billion AUM. We devote our time to helping them become more productive, efficient, and profitable businesses.

We have partnered with one of the largest insurance product distributors in the country, allowing us to have broad resources, but also the agility that comes with being a small company.

As financial professionals know, working in the financial space isn’t just numbers, it’s a people business that relies on trust, communication, and the ability to deliver. We enjoy sharing our skills, resources, and our ability to execute with the select offices we work with. 

If you would like to learn more about our company and potentially apply to have our firm be your company’s annuity back office, please fill out your information at the bottom. 

Why Choose MACH96?

In 2004, NASA’s X-43 scramjet went Mach 9.6—nearly 7,000MPH—setting the record for the fastest jet-powered aircraft. NASA proved that with a small team, one can accomplish large goals. And it is our goal to live up to the name. We know that speed is the end result of a fine tuned process that focuses on precision and execution.

Whether it’s working on case design, solving pending business issues or designing a custom marketing plan for an advisor, it is our goal to serve our advisors with high efficiency.

Our Values



We communicate with class. When advisors think of us, they think of a class act. Whether it’s our emails, phone calls, dress, how we communicate, we do it with integrity.



We are problem solvers with can-do attitudes. We take your business seriously. And we take pride knowing our advisors are getting the best service possible.



We believe small business is the heartbeat of the American spirit. And when everyone rows in the same direction, we can accomplish anything we put our minds to.

Who We Work With

Financial Professionals

Looking to add annuities and life insurance to your offering? Do you use annuities on a consistent basis and are looking for a new partner? We are here for you!

Investment Advisor Representatives apart of RIA’s

Whether you are apart of a larger RIA or operate your own independent shop, we provide the back-office support you need to provide for your clients. Also, many of our carriers provide fee-only annuities.

Fee-only advisors don’t be afraid to reach out!

Registered Representatives (Broker-Dealer Advisors)

Our team is extremely knowledgeable in the broker dealer space. Whether you are a part of a large or small firm, chances are we have other relationships inside your broker dealer and know the guidelines.

We understand it is extremely important to follow each BD’s rules.

Strategies to Building a $100M+ Practice & $10M A Year in Annuities

Want to build the practice of your dreams?

Over the years, we’ve met advisors all over the country and have seen firsthand what the most profitable businesses are doing.

This free 30+ page eBook showcases many of these systems, and ones we use at Mach96.

Behind the Name

The X-43A Hypersonic Flight Research Program overcame one of the greatest challenges in aeronautical research: in-atmosphere hypersonic flight.

The X-43A was a small experimental research aircraft designed to hit hypersonic speeds above Mach 5, or five times the speed of sound.

The flight was made on Nov. 16, 2004, and reached a speed of Mach 9.6, or almost 7,000 mph. 

This program showed that even with a relatively small team, when everyone rows in the same direction, big things happen. 

Welcome to Mach96.

The Hyper-X X-43A project team in front of NASA’s B-52B launch aircraft with the Pegasus booster and X-43A vehicle attached.

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