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Joe Saffrin


Joe Saffrin founded Mach96, LLC in 2021 after a decade as a top annuity wholesaler for a large insurance brokerage. Joe always had a deep seated love for entrepreneurship and it was time for him to set sail with his vision. 

Joe believes revitalizing small business and bringing fresh ideas and hard work to an industry in need is a valuable and exciting opportunity for our financial professionals at Mach96, LLC. 



Sam McBride

Director of Annuity Sales

Sam McBride is an integral part of our team. He has worked in the annuity brokerage business his whole professional life. He started as a sophomore in college as an intern. Sam was known in the office as the “Cold Call Cowboy”.

With years of hard work, Sam has worked his way into a position where he now supports over a hundred advisory offices. When it comes to annuities, Sam is the trusted go-to-guy. 



Max Stecker

Annuity Specialist & Inside Sales

In 2023, Max Stecker joined our team, bringing with him extensive knowledge and experience in the annuity world. He got his start working for Joe during a summer internship while at the University of Iowa, and since graduating in 2019, has been working in the industry, including at an insurance company, and running another annuity desk.

With a can-do attitude, Max is always there when you need him. When he’s not working on cases, he’s off on his next outdoor adventure, embracing all the seasons in Minnesota. Whether it’s a summer fishing trip or a winter snowmobile outing, Max knows how to make the most of the great outdoors.



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