Now Is the Time

Everyone is talking about inflation, interest rates, supply chain deficits, stock market volatility…and now, war in Ukraine.

Needless to say, many folks are a bit worried.

Whether it’s reaching out to existing clientele or prospects, now is your time to shine as an expert.

  • Write a short memo to all clients with your perspective of what’s going on.
    • Advice: Don’t use a pre-written compliance approved back-office email. People just delete those.
  • Pick up the phone and call clients. Reach out with empathy and reassurance. Ask how they are doing. This lets them know you care; and it goes a long way in and of itself. Picking up the phone and reaching out shows your confidence as their financial leader.
  • Write a temperature check email to your prospects:
    • Here’s an example I wrote. Feel free to use this and make it your own. Remember to add your personal touch as well as your disclosures.
      • This idea is perfect if you have done seminars in the past and or have a large database. You can hand this project to a junior advisor/intern/assistant and let them run with it. I think you’ll be surprised with its results.
  • Create a Loom video and share it with clientele. 

It’s time like these where your extra effort as an advisor can really set you apart from the pack. If you want to talk shop and walk through some ideas for your practice, feel free to give us a call.

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